Lady Gaga Revealed That She Used To Have Suicidal Thought Every Day

Lady Gaga is one of the most renowned faces in the world. She is famous, adored, and looked up to by millions. However, there are always two sides of the coin. Lady Gaga reveals that she felt her fame was exhausting and consuming her the entire time. This constant feeling of exhaustion led her to suicidal thoughts.

Gaga, who’s real name is Stefani Germanotta, opened up about the dark phase of her life. She says that she had totally given up on herself. She loathed being famous and the stardom that she had earned. She felt tired and used up because of it. The Oscar-winning star has talked about her mental health in the past as well.

She said that she did not like what she had become. She could not do ordinary things like other people. She started to treat herself like her own enemy. Lady Gaga says that she hated Lady Gaga as she was the one who had taken away so many things from her life. She disliked being objectified for her face, body, outfits, and stardom.

All of this triggered her depression and suicidal thoughts in her. There were times when she didn’t know why she is living. She started self-harming herself as well. Her PTSD of being sexually assaulted at age 19 did not help her either. But, her close ones helped her. She took medical help and now, she’s doing better. However, she believes that mental health is a real thing and even thought people can’t see it, it exists.

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