Kylie Richards Grand Staircase Screams Drama From The 1st Step To The Last

If you are obsessed with having the right aesthetic on your Instagram feed, then you know the rule. It is always to have a beautiful background for your picture if you are not so much into green curtain-based photoshop effects. Kylie Richards, keeping the aesthetic of her IG and her house in mind, has renovated her grad staircase.

If her foyer was not already the center of attraction of her beautiful house, it for sure is now. The make-over of her central staircase is all about drama and style. Kylie Richard’s young realtor daughter shared the image of the newly renovated staircase and captioned it saying that she has been waiting for it her entire life.

Kylie Richards

So, what is after all so special about the staircase that we can’t stop gushing about it? The first and foremost fact is that is covered with a cheetah-print carpet. The grand staircase looks even grander and more powerful with the new decor. Kylie Richards is animal lover and has always been one. So, it’s no wonder that she chose a cheetah-print for renovation.

Next, if the cheetah-print was not enough, how about the pink and black checkered floor beneath it? It simply adds more to the style quotient. The staircase is also in black and pink and the lighting simply makes everything perfect! Remember, as Kylie Richards‘ home sign says, you’re only allowed in if you’re an animal lover!

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