Kyle Richards Confirms Garcelle Beauvais Paid $5,000 Donation After Multiple Reach Outs

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion saw a shocking reveal when Kyle Richards accused Garcelle Beauvais of something outrageous. She accused Garcelle of not paying her $5,000 for donation that she had bid for her charity. Garcelle asked her to stop right there and host Andy Cohen looked shocked.

Garcelle later explained that she isn’t the kind of person who’d intentionally keep somebody’s money. She said that due to all that’s going on, it amount she bid had slipped out of her mind. In a recent statement, Richards confirmed through her Instagram story that Garcelle has paid the amount.

However, Kyle also added that Garcelle paid the amount after she tried to reach out to her multiple times. She mentioned in her story that her decision to call out Garcelle for her behavior was because she wanted her to be genuine. She said that did not wish anyone to do anything for the camera as her charity, ‘Childrens L.A.’ is close to her and her family.

She added that there was no pressure to donate so if someone did it anyhow, it should not be just for the camera. Richards cleared that Garcelle has finally paid the donation and she’s thankful to her and everyone as they helped her raise half a million dollars altogether.

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