‘Mom’ Star Kristen Johnston Announces With A Heavy Heart The Demise of Her Sister Julie Herschede

‘Mom’ star Kristen Johnston announced on August 18, 2020, that her sister, Julie Herschede, is no more. Herschede lost her life struggling with addiction. Kristen updated her the post on Twitter along with Julie’s photo. She wrote in the emotional tweet that her sister had the best belly laugh.

Kristen Johnston, in another post, thanked everyone to sending her their love and condolence. Herchede had three daughters with husband August Herschede – Emma, Annabelle, and Elsa.

Kristen Johnston

The memoirs that Johnston released in 2012 had revealed that Johnston too, suffered from addiction. There was a phase in her life when she used to finish two bottles of wine every night. She was also into abusing pills. Johnston got clean in 2007 after seeking help.


Kristen Johnston and Julie Herschede, both were seeking professional help at Betty Ford Foundation. After getting sober in 2007, Kristen had to stop talking to her sister for the longest time. At one point, she even declared that she can no longer help her sister, no matter how hard it feels. We hope Julie Herschede is in resting in peace now.

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