Know who is Chanel West Coast whose Nude and Bold uploads are creating sensation

Chanel West Coast hot bold
Chanel West Coast hot bold

Chanel West Coast is an American celebrity, born on September 1, 1988. Her actual name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley and she is a rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, and model. All the MTV fanatics would remember her for her roles in ‘Ridiculousness’ and ‘Fantasy Factory’. People also remember Chanel West Coast nude pictures revealing topless body on Instagram. And if you still don’t know or cannot remember her, just Google her addictive laugh and you won’t forget her!

Chanel West Coast ,also known as, Chelsea by her fans , steamy pictures on social media have garnered a lot of attention recently. Whether it is Chanel West Coast’s nude pictures, revealing her perfect topless body or her recent bikini photos, revealing just a little hint of her under-boobs, the rapper knows how to keep her fans entertained.

Chanel West Coast Career

Some like to say that Chelsea is a born star. Since a very young age, she knew she wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry and perform for the audience. Her father was a DJ in NYC and that let Chelsea get a firsthand experience of nightclubs and of entertaining the audience. She used to tag along with her father sometimes when he was performing and we guess that helped her a lot to learn.

Friendships & Chanel West Coast

In order to pursue her dreams, she took dancing and singing lessons. She had always been a huge fan of Tupac Shakur and idolized him in some ways. Hence it makes sense, that her idol inspired her to work on her dreams of becoming a rapper. She finally got lucky when she came in touch with Dyrdek. Her friendship with Dyrdek and her talent got her a part in Fantasy Factory.

It was understandable when Chanel West Coast assumed that becoming a part of MTV would brighten her chances of becoming a rapper. Well, she did get fame after collaborating with the channel, but that did not long last. She went off the radar as soon as she got into it.

Chanel West Coast & Reality TV

The major reason was that people never saw her as a rapper. She became a reality TV star but that ruined her chances of the audience viewing her as a talented rapper. Before she knew, she a was pretty face with blonde hair and goofy laugh. She stars as the co-host at Ridiculousness, which is strategically a good move from her end to be in the public’s eyes. But to come forward as a rapper? There’s time to that.

Chanel West Coast & Upcoming Projects

Mainly also because Chanel West Coast has not released any solo album to date. At first, she was busy with the reality shows she was a part of. Later, there was news of some conflicts with her label that put the release of her debut album on hold indefinitely. She has been a part of a mixtape named Now You Know that also features other legendary names like Snoop Dogg and French Montanna. But with the uncertainty surrounding her solo album, people left hope of her debut.

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