Kirstie Alley Unhappy with New Oscar Diversity Standard – Calls It A Disgrace

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Oscars have issued new guidelines that seem to upset Kirstie Alley. According to the new guidelines, any movie that wants to be considered for Best Picture Award will have certain inclusion targets to meet. The new rule does not sit well with Kirstie and she called Academy Awards as ‘Oscar Orwell’, in reference to George Orwell’s novel, ‘1984’.

She added that it is a disgrace to artists everywhere. According to her, it is the same as telling Picasso what to paint. It is about controlling artists and thoughts. Hence the ‘1984’ reference, as that novel by Orwell dealt on a similar plot. However, Kirstie soon deleted the tweet and called her analogy a poor choice.

She clarified that she does not have an issue with inclusion, diversity, and tolerance. However, Kirstie is not in favor of converting it into a mandatory rule and having an arbitrary percent of humans in any business. According to the new Academy Awards rule, inclusion guidelines are to be followed either on or off the camera.

The standards ask that a lead or supporting lead should be a member of a racial or ethnic group. Next, 30% actors in minor roles should be from diverse communities including physically disabled and LGBTQ+ people. Another rule asked the storyline to involve underrepresented group. Filmmakers have to ensure that they follow at least two of their mentioned rules to be considered for Best Picture Category.

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