Kid Rock At 49 & Loretta Lynn At 88 Elope And Get Married

Kid Rock, 49, and Loretta Lynn, 88, humorously eloped and had a surprise wedding! Loretta and her granddaughter, Tyla, posted some of the pictures from the wedding. In the photos, you can see Loretta wearing a beautiful white top and black pants. Kid Rock, or Robert James Ritchie, is wearing just a white overall.

Lynn is sitting on the chair while Kid Rock has gone down on one knee. He is seen placing a gorgeous ring on her finger. The couple eloped during the weekend and Lynn captioned the photo exclaiming ‘what a weekend!’. Lynn informed that her son, Ernie and his partner, Crystal, were renewing their vows this weekend.

Lynn talked about marriage and called it a tough journey. She said that it is not always easy and sometimes it is pretty tough. However, she believes that if there is enough love in a relationship, they can always make it till the end.

Talking about Kid Rock, Lynn said that they had always joked about getting themselves married. She says that the weekend was absolutely perfect and there was a preacher. So, they decided to go ahead and have some fun. She even joked to the girls that Kid Rock is now taken!

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