Kelly Osbourne Stuns Her Fans With Her Weight Loss & Reveals She Had Gastric Surgery

Kelly Osbourne has come out revealing that she had gastric surgery almost 2 years ago, twice. Kelly had stunned her fans with her dramatic weight loss and looked amazing in er new avatar. Talking about it recently, Kelly confirmed that she has indeed undergone multiple surgeries and lost almost 85 pounds.

She said that she no longer cares who thinks what of the decision and she has no regret with what she did. The Gatsric surgeries Kelly Osbourne had are one of the most common forms of bariatric procedures. It is performed no other means of weight loss are effective.

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Kelly Osbourne says that with this kind of surgery, 70-80 percent of stomach is removed. It is an intense method of weight-loss that requires a lot of care forever. Once a person undergoes such surgery, they have to always be conscious about their eating habits. They have to exercise regular to maintain their weight or otherwise, they will gain weight rather quickly.

She also says that the surgery removes the hormones from the body that creates craving of emotional eating in the person. She used to suffer from that and now her situation is better. Kelly Osbourne suggests only those people to opt for Grastric surgeries who can commit to it for a lifetime.

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