Kelly Clarkson Sued By Father In Law’s Company While She Splits From Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson and  Brandon Blackstock’s divorce has taken another ugly turn. Kelly is being sued by none other than her father in law’s management company, Starstruck Management Group. According to some reports, the company claims that it is owed around $1.5 million commissions. The suit also claims a breach of oral contract and demands accounting.

The company is owned by Kelly’s father in law, Narvel Blackstock, and he has been representing Kelly as a firm since past 13 years. Kelly, contractually owes 15% of her earning to the management company. The firm claims that the singer has paid them $1.9 million but still owes around $1.5 million and will owe around $5.4 million by the end of 2020.

The company says that Kelly owes a huge deal of her success and stardom to the company. The company has helped her make her name in the singing industry, in reality shows like ‘The Voice’, and even win and get nominated multiple times in GRAMMY. Yet, Kelly refuses to pay the firm the money that it owes and break their oral contract, says the firm.

While the company has sued Kelly and Narvel is in agreement with the company, it is to note that Kelly has just separated from Brandon, Narvel’s son. They filed for a divorce in June 2020 and Kelly has refused to speak about her split for the wellbeing of her kids. Kelly and Brandon share two children together.

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