Kanye West 2020 Vision Poster Is Confusing To Even Kristen Dunst

Kanye West is still standing for the President of America. He has registered his filing (read: controversy) and has now released a poster for his campaign (read: another controversy). Kanye West’s campaign poster, to put it in the politest manner, does not make sense at all. Moreover, Kristen Dunst does not get its meaning either – who’s ON IT!

Yes, you heard that right. Kristen Dunst’s picture is in Kanye West’s campaign poster. The beautiful shot of Dunst was taken in 2002. But, here’s the catch – we don’t know why she’s on the poster. Even Kristen does not know why she’s on the poster! She has shown her support to Bernie Sanders after all!

Kanye West

Kanye’s 2020 campaign poster has smiling faces of different people from different age groups, races, and ethnicity. Kristen commented on the tweet and asked what’s the meaning of the poster and why she’s a part of it. We get it that the baseline of the poster says ‘happiness’ but, it still does not say how!


Apart from unauthorized Kristen’s photo, Kanye West has also used Anna Wintour’s picture. As if people needed more reminder of how ‘Conde Nast’ management has troubled its staff with payment.

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