Who Is Kamala Harris? Everything You Need To Know About the Potential Vice-President of the USA

Who is Kamala Harris and how good is she? This is the question almost everyone has been asking since her name came out as the Vice-President candidate from the Democratic Party. She has joined the presidential election as the VP candidate along with Joe Biden against Donald Trump on August 11. Kamala Harris is the first Black-Indian American woman to stand for the position.

It is obvious that Kamala Harris has garnered more attention than anyone else in the recent times. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Democrat’s VP candidate.

Kamala Harris & Law

kamala harris

Kamala Harris is an American lawyer as well as an efficient politician. She has been serving as Junior state senator from California since past three years and also served as Attorney General from 2010 to 2014. She is up against Mike Pence – VP candidate from Republican Party running alongside Donald Trump. 

She is one strong candidate for the position as Kamala has learned from a very early age that nothing comes easy for women of race. Harris is completely ready to work on social issues like racism that has been dividing the country for years and even more in recent times.

Kamala Harris’ Political Graph


Kamala Harris is the third female senator of California, second African-American woman, and first South Asian-American woman to serve in the Senate. Over her three years of tenure, she worked on providing citizenship to immigrants, banning assault weapons, and tax reforms. She also attributed in healthcare reforms, the DREAM Act, and de-scheduling of cannabis.

She also ran for US President Nominations and stood against Biden himself. She questioned his cross-district busing and has till date not offered any apology. However, she agrees that she does not believe that Joe Biden is anyway a racist. Harris removed her name from the nominations due to a lack of funds.

Harris as Attorney General


Kamala Harris began her law career from Alameda County District Attorney Office. She made headlines for changing law enforcements that looked at teen prostitutes as criminals rather than victims. She has been criticized in the past for being too harsh and tough on crime policies.

Kamala Harris’ Decadency 


Kamala Harris is part South Asian-American and part Jamaican. Her mother was a Tamilian woman living in India and her father is Jamaican. She calls herself black but recalls the time she used to visit India to meet her grandparents. Kamala’s mother was a breast cancer researcher who passed away in 2009. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan came to America in 1960 and later married Donald Harris, a Jamaican. 

Kamala Harris has been brought up by her mother mainly as her parents divorced while she was quite young. Kamala also has a sibling, Maya Harris, who is a political activist. Maya has worked in Hilary Clinton’s campaign in the past. Harris has grown up in Oakland, Berkeley, Midwest, and Montreal.

‘Harris Is A Cop’


One of the major things that can go against Kamala Harris and Joe Biden is ‘Kamala Harris Is A Cop’. It is that statement, which became quite viral during Harris’ run for the President. Harris has been known to side with the authorities and cops more than the victims. The statement is backed with her tenure in the Senate and as Attorney General.

With so much criticism surrounding the American government regarding its support for police brutality, this particular front of Harris can go wrong. She can be seen as a person more from the authority’s side than from the people’s side. However, ‘Harris Is A Cop’ is one of the very few things that can go negatively for Biden and Harris. 


Overall, Harris is a strong, fierce, and determined woman who can prove to be just the right choice for US Vice President.

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