Justin Timberlake Shares Why Since Age 14 He Was Destined To Work With Timbland

Justin Timberlake and Timbland is one of the most powerful duo in the music industry. When they come together, we know things are going to get heated. Looking back the his successful journey, Justin Timberlake refreshed some memories. You’d be surprised to know that since the age of 14, he believed that it was his prophecy to work with Timbland.

Justin Timberlake recalled the time when he released his super hit single, ‘SexyBack’. He said that not all were in favor of it. They commented it to be very different from Timberlake’s original style – fast-pcaed and lacked falsetoo. However, the former NSYNC founder was loved it for all those reasons.

Justin Timberlake

That’s why Timbland joined in the making of the song, Justin Timberlake knew something amazing is happening. Timbland does not invest his time in something if he doesn’t believe in it. He gave the beats to the song and Justin couldn’t hold back his excitement.


Ever since the age of 14, Timberlake had thought of working with Timbland. Timbland had produced ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ and Justin Timberlake was just forming NSYNC. He recalled that he was such a big fan even then, that he prophesied that he’d one day work with Timbland. And, as amazing as it sounds, he did fulfill the prophecy.

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