Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stauce Divorce After 3 Years and We Can Smell the Scandal

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stauce divorce has blown away the minds of their fans. It was not something anyone had seen coming. You know Justing Hartley through ‘This is Us’ and you know Chrishell Stauce through ‘Selling Sunset’ and they know each other for more than six years. The couple married in 2017 and now en route their separation.

While we do not have any official statement regarding the reason behind Justin and Chrishell Stauce divorce but it is not smooth. As per the sources and some co-stars, there’s more to Justin and Chrishell Stauce divorce than meets the eyes. Apparently, we aren’t the only one surprised, Chrishell is as surprised by the divorce as we are!

Chrishell Stauce divorce

It is not long before Justin and Chrishell Stauce divorce turns into a scandalous affair. It is because the upcoming season of ‘Selling Sunset’ is going to capture the couple’s divorce and leak some major intel.

Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stauce Divorce


Justin filed for divorce in 2019 and stated irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. However, what really is fishy in Justin & Chrishell Stauce divorce case is that their dates do not match. Justin stated that the couple separated on July 8, 2019. However, Chrishell has something else to say entirely. She stated the day of case-filing is the day the couple has separated. 

Also, Chrishell informed on the show that Justin informed her about the divorce after filing for it. The news was shocking for Chrishell but what was even more shocking was the way the news was delivered.


Justin ‘texted’ his wife about their divorce. Yes! If that is not a complete shocker, we don’t know what is. Moreover, forty-five minutes after Chrishell received the message, the world knew about the divorce.

Chrishell Blindsided With Her Divorce


The most saddening part about the entire thing is that Chrishell Stauce is not prepared for the separation. She said that she was absolutely clueless that divorce was on Justin’s mind. She thinks that marriage needs hard work and her marriage was a balanced one. Believe it or not, all close ones of Justin & Chrishell believed the same. 

Chrishell Stauce divorce has a lot of mysteries that no one can solve. Chrishell says that she never imagined being on the receiving end of this feeling. She says that she loves her husband and he is her best friend. She doesn’t know anymore where to go anymore and whom to talk to. 

Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stauce Marriage


Justin and Chrishell married in 2017 and they got officially engaged in 2015. But, they had been dating for longer than 2 years before they officially got engaged. As Justin is a very private person and does not like his personal news floating in media, he stays away from paparazzi. Chrishell is Justin’s second wife. Justin was married to Lindsay Hartley from 2004 to 2012.

Christine Quinn’s Take on Chrishell Stauce Divorce


Well, everyone has their two cents to give and why would Christine Quinn, Chrishell’s costar from ‘Selling Sunset’, would be far away? According to Christine, Justin and Chrishell Stauce divorce is very much a surprise for everybody. The couple was having trouble in paradise for a while and even took marriage counseling. 

However, one thing Christine is sure about is that there was never any third person in their relationship. Justin was a private man and hence did not wish to appear on Chrishell’s show and Chrishell respected that. So, there is a very strong possibility that we’ll never hear Justin talking about his and Chrishell Stauce divorce.

Chrishell Stauce Reacts


Chrishell did not have pleasant things to say to Christine. According to Chrishell, Christine has absolutely no idea about her marriage and divorce. She is releasing all the statements only to gain press and attention. She asked fans to not believe in anything Christine is saying. She also expressed disappointment in people for taking such undue advantage of somebody’s adverse situation.

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