Joseph And Kendra Duggar Are Expecting Their 3rd Child Very Soon

Congratulations are in order for the Duggars! Joseph Duggar and Kendra Duggar are expecting their third child very soon. They announced the news to ‘People’ and shared it on their social media with the most creative pictures. The news does not come as a surprise as the Joseph and Kendra had planned to start a family ever since they got married.

The couple got married in September 2017 at the First Baptist Church, Arkansas. Reportedly, the couple is going to have a daughter and they are completely enthralled with the surprise. They said that life is full of surprises and they are ecstatic that its a child surprising them this time.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar are parents to their two adorable kids – son Garrett David (2) and daughter Addison Renee (a little more than 9 months). The pictures that the parents updated are pretty innovative too. They’re holding their kids and reveal that they are soon going to have someone to break the ties. As, being family of five is always better than being the family for four.

kendra duggar

Joseph and Kendra Duggar are proud of their children. Kendra says that Garrett is already an amazing brother to Addison and she can’t wait to see him with the new child.

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