Who Is Jojo Siwa’s Boyfriend Elliott Brown? 5 Quick Things You Need To Know

Jojo Siwa’s Boyfriend
Jojo Siwa’s Boyfriend

Jojo Siwa is allegedly dating Elliott Brown. Yes! The internet sensation dazzled her fans by updating pictures and videos on her social media handles with this cute boy, Elliott Brown. The netizens now cannot stop wondering if Elliott Brown is Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend.

Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube star. She has risen to fame with her YouTube videos but came into limelight with her appearance in Dance Moms. Jojo Siwa’s bows and glitzy jackets are a style statement on their own. So, if Elliott Brown is Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend, then everyone would love to know him more closely. Find out all you need to know about this cutie Elliott Brown right here!

Is Elliott Brown Really Jojo Siwa’s Boyfriend?

There are so many speculations of whether or not Elliott is Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend. The reason behind that is that the couple has not yet officially confirmed their relationship. To be honest, it is really cute and frustrating at the same time. It’s cute because the couple is really young and them trying to keep their (rumored) relationship a secret is adorable. Especially looking at the fact that they both are very active on social media, their attempt to tone down their alleged affair would be quite interesting to witness.

And it is frustrating because obviously, we all want to know what is happening in Jojo’s love life! When questions were raised on Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend, the teenage star refused to acknowledge her relationship with Elliott. Though she did spill some beans.

Jojo Siwa confirmed that she has a bae in her life and the man in her life is like a dream. On request to reveal his identity, Jojo said that it is not up to her but up to the guy himself. After all, she is already a public figure and can hardly care if her relationship status goes out in the public eye. But, the same is not true for Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend. He has neither been in the eyes of the media nor is he a public figure. So, the decision of going public with the relationship is more of his choice to make.

Elliott Brown’s Age

Some controversies surrounded Jojo Siwa’s apparent love life when Elliott Brown’s age came into the picture. At first, when Jojo’s fans searched for Elliott’s age, Google’s response was astonishing. It said that Elliott is 28 years old (what??). It created quite a buzz because Jojo is just 17 and hence the age gap between them is quite a lot. The controversy was soon cleared when Elliott posted a picture on his social media saying that he just turned 18. Whether the move was intentional or unintentional – we can’t say!

Elliott Brown’s Background


So, how did Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend (again, ‘alleged’ BF) and Jojo meet? Was it in a party or on social media like most of the teenagers do? Well, neither! They are actually family friends. Jojo revealed in an interview that she has known Elliott since they were 8 years old. In fact, Jojo also mentioned that their families always joked that Elliott and Jojo look great together. And you know what? They really do look adorable together. Have a look at them yourself!

Elliott Brown’s Hometown

The eighteen-year-old hunk shares Jojo’s hometown, Nebraska. So, if you had any concerns that Elliott might be dating Jojo because of her fame and stardom, it’s time you drop it right away. The teens know each other from childhood and before Jojo even became a YouTube sensation. Elliott has been visiting Los Angeles to meet Jojo and she is quite excited about his next visit.

Elliott Brown – Upcoming Football Star


Elliott Brown is currently in high school and will soon start attending Nebraska University to play football. Not only he is good at football, he has also got some really good moves. The handsome footballer showed us some cool moves when he performed a TikTok video with Jojo. If you have not seen it yet, watch it already because it’s super groovy.


Elliott Brown Is A Family Man

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Nothing is more attractive than a guy who is a family man through and through. Jojo Siwa’s boyfriend might be young but his social media profile says that he is very much family-oriented. He is a practicing Christian and we’re sure you cannot miss his cross tattoo on his biceps. Elliott has a younger sister, whom he seems pretty close with, and guess what? She’s a dancer too.

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