John David Talks About How He Spent His Pandemic Doing Chores At Dad’s House

We like to think that celebrities have got it easy but honestly, the truth is far away from it. If you do not believe us, then you better believe John David! Just like plenty of people in the world, John too went back home to his family during the pandemic outbreak. While living Denzel Washington, John had to work around his way in the house because father Washington won’t have it any other way!

While sharing his experience of living at his dad’s home in quarantine, the ‘Tenet’ star had a lot to reveal. In conversation with Samuel L. Jackson at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, John says that while living with Denzel, he stayed in his old bedroom. Samuel has known Denzel for his entire life to he did not hesitate in asking John all the right questions.

John first resisted and said that his only chore was to get down for supper at time. But after further nudging, he said that he had too cook the meal as well! Samuel was impressed and praised his grilling skill as ‘mad, mad grill skills’.

John is not just a talented cook but also an amazing football player. He had a brief career in NFL as well. After that, he got his major breakthrough role in HBO’s ‘Ballers’, where he played the iconic football player, Ricky Jerret. Denzen says that he is extremely proud of his son to have make it big in the industry without any support and references.

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