Jillian Michaels Made An Effective 7 Minute Workout Video – Feel The Change In 7 Days

This quarantine is proving to be somehow difficult for a lot of people in terms of their fitness. While some are unable to go to gym, some are having eating disorders. And, there are some who want to exercise but do not know how to begin. To solve all such fitness problems, Jillian Michaels has released a video.

The video is a 7 day – 7 minutes fitness challenge. The entire workout explained by Jillian Michaels take exactly 7 minutes to complete. And, you can feel the effect of the intense workout in just 7 days. Every single workout is designed in such a way that it will help even the busiest of people.

Jillian Michaels

The intense workouts will unlock your true fitness potential and can be performed easily at home. Jillian Michaels assures that with this video, a person is bound to feel fantastic in just a week’s time. It strengthens the core as well as help in shedding off the extra pounds.


On day 1, Jillian Michaels will teach you how to tone and tighten the muscles. Second day is to burn fat by High Intensity Interval Training. Day three is all about calming the sore muscles. On day 4, Jillian will help you focus on abs and on day 5, focus will be on legs and butt. Day 6 is again for HIIT and the last day is for meditation. You can watch the videos here!

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