Jerry Seinfeld Slams Manhattan Comedy Club Owner for Saying ‘NYC Is Dead’

This coronavirus pandemic is surely not bringing out the best in everyone. Some people are losing hope while some are finding it difficult to handle people who have no hope left. One such vivid example of the same is the argument between Jerry Seinfeld and James Altucher.

For the background details, James Altucher is the owner of the Manhattan Comedy Club. He published an article on LinkedIn and wrote that New York City is dead forever. He gave many examples and reasons to support his claim. He countered the arguments that said NYC has faced worse or it will rise again.

Jerry Seinfeld

Well, what James Altucher considers to be his version of reality, felt like pessimism to Jerry Seinfeld. He said that people do not need ‘putz’ on LinkedIn spreading such negativity. He asked James to get a grip on himself and stop whining about things.

Jerry Seinfeld counterattacked James by saying that he wouldn’t know if people have left NYC for good. The renowned comedian mentioned that he too has shifted from NYC but it is temporarily. Lastly, he said that the ‘stupid virus’ will give up eventually just like James has.

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