Jennifer Williams Calls Tami Roman Classless on Her Norman Comment

A nasty feud broke between Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman over Tim Norman. For those of you who do not know, Tim Norman is the culprit arrested for the muder-for-hire of his nephew’s death over $450,000 insurance money.

Tami Roman updated a video with her Bonnet Chronicles profile. In the video, Tami said that she is disgusted with the henious act of Tim Norman. However, she went a little too far and dragged her foe Jennifer Williams into it.

 Tami Roman

Tami Roman said that she is glad that Jennifer Williams separated from Tim Norman in 2018. If not for the split, Norman might have harmed her as well and no one would know about it because no one really cared about her. Tami said that if Tim Norman, ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ star could do that to his nephew, then he could do it to Williams as well.

‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams responded saying that Tami Roman is classless. Williams did not like Tami poking fun at the situation one bit and asked her to have some decency about the situation. Williams said that the family is already grieving with the loss and betrayal and they do not need such tacky acts.

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