Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Was Planning To Quit Acting 2 Years Ago

The Hollywood industry would have suffered a huge loss two years ago if Jennifer Aniston had not changed her mind. The ‘Friends’ fame had decided to quit acting altogether two years ago in her life because of a certain project. The project had completely drained her and she was planning to simply quit.

Our very own Rachel Green thought several times while working on the particular unprepared project if she wants to continue working. She even doubted if she liked acting anymore. When questioned, Aniston confirmed and reassured that she was not talking about recent project ‘The Morning Show’ that earned her Emmy nominations.

Aniston revealed all of it during an interview in a podcast, ‘Smartless’. When Aniston was what is her plan if she ever decides to quit acting, Jen said that she has not planned anything yet. She assured that as of now, she has absolutely no intention of quitting Hollywood and she’s enjoying her work.

Jennifer Aniston describes her career as her happy place. The actress was last seen during a table read for ‘The Fast Times At Ridgemont High’. The table read was a much anticipated event as it had Ansiton and Brad Pitt both at the same virtual spot. Needless to say, fans were way too delighted to watch the ex-lovers together on the same screen after so long.

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