Jason Oppenheim Resonds To Claims Accusing ‘Selling Sunset’ Stars To Be Fake

After the news broke that Mary Fitzgerald on-screen marriage was fake, accusations have resurfaced claiming that ‘Selling Sunset’ stars are fake. Reacting to those accusations and claims, Jason Oppenhiem has responded calling the claims baseless.

Jason Oppenheim is the president of ‘The Oppenheim Group’, the brokerage company on ‘Selling Sunset’. He has assured that his employees Chrishell Stauce, Heather Rae Young, Christine Quinn, Mary, Davina Portraz, Maya Vander, and Amanza Smith are real real-estate agents.

Jason Oppenhiem

Jason Oppenheim explained how he has worked with Mary, Heather, Maya, and Christine for years before the show. Amanza worked as a designer for the company while Chrishell was an experienced agent formerly working with another company. He said any claims are absolutely false and even a simple investigation can prove it.


Jason Oppenheim responded after claims were made by some fans and even Chrissy Teigen. She said that she had been actively looking into LA estates since a long time but has never heard of ‘Selling Sunset’ agents. She even said that her friends have never heard of them ever. However, Maya responded to Chrissy saying that she has sold many houses where Chrissy lives.

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