YouTube Sensation Jake Paul Explains FBI Raid & Addresses All The Rumors

On August 5, 2020, the FBI raided the house of YouTube star, Jake Paul. His Calabasas house was searched by the FBI and since then, there have been plenty of speculations regarding the case. Jake Paul has finally come forward with an explanation to the entire situation. He has also thanked his fans for supporting him unconditionally.

Jake Paul had uploaded a video on YouTube on August 12, 2020, but deleted it after some time. He explained that the raid was associated with the Arizona looting. He also said that all the other rumors stating anything different is completely absurd and not to be believed.

Jake Paul

He clarified that the raid is the part of an investigation that has several more layers to it. However, none of the case’s elements has anything to with him, his character, and all the rumors circulating around.Initially, it was reported that Jake Paul is somehow connected to the crime of Scottsdale Fashion Square that occurred in May, 2020.

However, now the reports are Jake was at the mall for protest that was illegal. SWAT team was involved when the raid took place but no arrest was made. Jake also made it clear that since the raid, he has discovered many people in his circuit involved in wrong things. He cleared that he is breaking ties with all those people involved in anything bad.

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