Iggy Azalea Rocks The Tiny Outfit Repping Chicago Bulls

Iggy Azalea has done it again and it seems like that there’s no stopping to this stunning woman! Iggy has, once again, posted a picture on Instagram, that makes her fans wonder if she has just given birth to her first son. The 30 year old singer might be new to motherhood, but isn’t new to swooning her fans with her stunning beauty.

Iggy Azalea posted recently in a short and sexy black outfit repping Chicago Bulls. Fans cannot stop gushing about that stunning figure that Iggy has worked hard to get four months after the birth of her baby. If you look at her gorgeous legs and backside, you’re sure to ask some fitness tips from the diva.

Iggy Azalea

This is not the first time Iggy Azalea has stunned her fans with her amazing bod. She dropped a curvy bomb on her fans when she posted a beautiful picture in a bikini. People couldn’t stop noticing her extremely well-toned waist. In fact, Iggy herself called her waist as ‘baby waist’.


She then posted another amazing picture flaunting her snatch-waist. She wore a biker shorts and sweatshirt and we couldn’t stop crushing on her. Her WAP cameo has also got all her fans wondering how Iggy Azalea has achieved that hot bod so quickly after giving birth! Well, there’s one confirmation that it involves all hard work and no surgeries.

Iggy Azalea Flaunts Her Snatch Waist In ‘No Speed Limit’ Selfie 

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