Hope Solo’s Nude Gets Leaked – The Soccer Player Responds

Hope Solo’s nude photos leaked back in 2014 and people were beyond shocked. Hope Amelia Solo was a professional soccer player. She played from 2000 to 2016 for the United States women’s national soccer team as the goalkeeper. She is a World Cup champion and Olympic Gold Medal holder. Hope Solo was born in July 1981 and played at the college level for the University of Washington and a professional level for Philadelphia Charge in the WUSA (Women’s United Soccer Association).

After WUSA, she went to Europe and played for the top-notch division leagues in France and Sweden. From 2009, she started playing in the WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer) for Atlanta Beat, magicJack, and Saint Louis Athletica. She has also played in the W-League for Seattle Sounders and in the National Women’s Soccer League that is considered on the best and topmost division of women’s soccer in the USA.

Hope Solo On Drug Controversy


Even way before Hope Solo’s nude pictures were leaked, she had been creating controversies that garnered plenty of media attention. Hope Solo was to perform in the 2012 Olympics for her team but she got into trouble right before that. She tested positive for the intake of a banned drug, a diuretic. She explained that she did not consume it as an illegal substance but as medication for her premenstrual treatment. She called it an honest mistake and worked with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on the same. The USADA cleared the player with a warning and Hope Solo released a statement stating that she believes in clean sport and is glad to have worked it out with USADA.

Hope Solo on Dismissal from National Team


There came a time when Hope Solo was dismissed from the National Team. 2016 started as a good year for Hope Solo as she received her 200th career cap in a win over France. But after her team’s defeat in the quarterfinal to Sweden, Hope Solo received any backlash from the fans. In the heat of the moment, she commented that the best team did not win and the opponents played like a bunch of cowards.

What might have been considered as a heat of the moment comment, garnered a lot of criticism. So much so that Hope Solo was suspended from the team for six months and her contract was terminated. Hope Solo released a statement saying that she had always been a patriotic player and such turn of events have really upset her.

Hope Solo & Domestic Violence

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Hope Solo’s husband, Jerramy Stevens, has quite a lot of controversy in the past. In November 2012, just a night before his wedding with Hope Solo, he was arrested on the charges of assaulting around eight people at a party. He was released due to lack of evidence but he again made headlines in 201. He was caught driving a U.S. women’s soccer team van while drunk with Solo in the passenger seat. Hope Solo was suspended for one month for the act.

Hope Solo was arrested on the grounds of domestic violence against her half-sister and nephew who was a minor back then. However, Hope has denied all charges and said over and over again that she is innocent.

Hope Solo’s Nude Photo Leak

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In 2014, some hackers leaked nude pictures of many celebrities that included the names of Hope Solo, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, etc. The photos were first made available on an image sharing platform called 4chan. Many celebrities, whose photos were leaked, like Ariana Grande, confirmed that the pictures were absolutely fake. Whether or not Hope Solo’s nude pictures were fake, we don’t know as there was no official statement regarding it. However, fake or real, it does not change the fact that it was a breach of privacy and completely wrong on all levels.

Hope Solo’s nude pictures were a matter of shock and the player responded to it calling it a sheer act of human indecency. Similar statements were made by the spokesperson of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The FBI investigated the matter and even Apple tried to investigate their system. The act of leaking Hope Solo’s nude pictures is completely unethical and cybercrime.

Hope Solo’s nude pictures were also covered on Sports Illustrations magazine. Although these were not the leaked Hope Solo’s nude but the ones that the player had posed for. Her intimate parts strategically covered with her hands but her athletic body looked stunning altogether.

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