Heather Morris Grieves Death of Naya Rivera – Suggests Fans to Write Letters

Heather Morris, who’s famous for playing the character of Brittany Pierce in ‘Glee’, had recently posted an Instagram video. She talked to her fans about the loss of her close friend and co-star, Naya Rivera. Naya Rivera played the character of Santana Lopez in ‘Glee’ and was Heather’s love interest on the show. Morris updated the video on August 9 and said that she is going through a contestant feeling of confusion and pain.

She talked about the relationship between Santana and Britney and said it took her time to understand what it means to people. She said that the relationship she shared with Naya on screen was very inspiring to many audiences out there. She understands their pain and grief and suggests a technique to cope with their feeling of loss. She asks them to write a letter to Naya, as that what she does, to overcome the overwhelming feelings.

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera’s tragic death came as a huge shock to many people. She had gone boating with her four-year-old son. On Wednesday, it was reported that the actress has gone missing. After investigation, a body was discovered from Lake Piru, California, and was identified as that of Naya Rivera. The death is believed to be a tragic accident and no foul play or suicidal intention is involved.

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