Hannah Ferrier Sacked From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ – Here’s What She Has To Say

In the recent episode of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ aired on August 17, 2020, the viewers witnessed something shocking. Hannah Ferrier is sacked from her duty of chief stewardess by Captain Sandy Yawn. The firing was done Ferrier’s co-star, Malia White, found some contraband in the former’s belongings.

Valium and CBD products were found in Hanna Ferrier’s possession that became the reason of her dismissal. She later said that the Valium discovered was prescribed and CBD is legal in Spain. However, the actor regrets that she did not disclose about the drugs to her crew members.

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier says that she did not do it intentionally. The decision to not disclose the use of Valium and CBD was purely unintentional. In fact, if she were to rectify the mistake by doing something all over again, she would declare the drugs use at the beginning.


Hannah Ferrier said that she has always carried her anxiety pills with her. Hannah said that she is not at all happy with how Captain Sandy handled the entire matter. She expressed her frustration over the one-sided narrative.

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