Hanna Brown And Tyler Cameron Are Dating And This Is How We Are Sure

hannah brown and tyler cameron
hannah brown and tyler cameron

Hanna Brown, the American sweetheart has taken control over the people’s hearts in quite a small span of time. She has risen to fame with her killer looks and sharp mind and we are in awe of her! It is no surprise that the finale of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 15 has left the viewers speechless with the former Miss Alabama’s confidence and decision. Ever since then, her romantic life and who she is or is not or will be dating have become a question in everyone’s mind. And finally, we have certain reasons to believe that Hanna Brown is finally dating her The Bachelorette’s contestant Tyler! Let’s take a recap of what happened on the show first.

Hanna Brown At The Bachelorette


Hanna Brown created history on ‘The Bachelorette’ and if you know then you know that we are not exaggerating! The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ former winner made sure that unlike all the other seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’, she would decide her own story and make her own fate. Like most of the other seasons, season 15 also had some… if we may say so… nasty contestants.

From toxic masculinity to subtle hints of sexism, we found some really objectionable suitors who were not shy of making racist remarks and flaunt sociopathic behavior. But Hanna ensured that she would not have any of it. Over the entire season, she was convinced to take no sh*t from the contestants and put them back to their place correctly. She not only refused to find Luke Parker’s obsessive behavior romantic but also declined Jed Wyatt’s proposal in the finale.

The reason was the discovery of Jed’s ghostly and emotionally abusive behavior with his partners in past relationships. By the end of the season, Hanna was the hero of her own show and the live audience had nothing but respect for her.


Though she had rejected Jed Wyatt and his proposal, it seemed that Chris Harrison was not satisfied with Hanna’s relationship status. He needed to know what comes next for Hanna Brown and boy we’d be lucky if she answered. But all we really know is that Hanna did confess that she would like to go out with Tyler for coffee ‘just like normal people do’. And guess what? The drink did happen!

Hanna Brown & Tyler Cameron Dating

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The couple spent time together after the show and for a moment there, everyone thought this is finally the happily-ever-after to Hanna-Tyler story. But sadly it wasn’t. The couple parted ways sometime shortly afterward. Tyler Cameron started dating Gigi Hadid around August last year while Hanna decided to stay single. On being asked, Hanna subtly responded that they were never really dating, to begin with.

But even then, that was not the end of The Bachelorette’s romance. Tyler admitted in October that both Hanna and he were single and Hanna Brown holds a special place in his heart. Cut to 2020 when people really want to know what the actual hell is happening?

Well for starters, a lot of us like to admit that Tyler Cameron and Hanna Brown are the cutest thing going on during this quarantine. They have not yet officially announced of being together. Nevertheless, it can be concluded from their social media handles that they are most certainly spending the quarantine together. They can be seen together on videos on Instagram and TikTok. They are exercising together, swimming together, dancing together and posing together. And the fans like to believe that they are ‘actually’ together. WE like to believe that they are actually together.

To say the least, there is neither any official announcement from the couple nor any compulsion of them to do so. Yes, because believe it or not, they are just in their 20s and have all the time in the world. So we hope that Tyler Cameron and Hanna Brown will find their way soon and give us the closure we so desperately need.

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