Everything You Want to Know about Halston Sage & Zac Efron’s Blooming Romance

Halston Sage & Zac Efron's
Halston Sage & Zac Efron’s

There is a new romance in the town that is turning all the heads and making headlines! We are talking about Zac Efron and Halston Sage! Yes, it might come as a surprise to many as the couple is not very open about it yet. But according to the sources, the couple is definitely together and seems like, if we dare say, pretty serious about each other.

Neighbors actor Zac Efron was in the news recently for his upcoming virtual get together with his High School Musical co-stars. And before you ask, yes, Venessa Hudgens was a part of the reunite as well. The High School Musical actress and Zac dated for quite some time back in the days and were America’s one of the favorite love-birds. The reunite was for Family Sing-Along special by Disney.

Another reason why the media went crazy during the start of 2020 was that Zac and Sarah Bro (his rumored girlfriend) broke up. Now, while the media was still healing from the back to back headlines, here is another something for everyone to ponder over. Zac Efron and Halston Sage are dating and it looks pretty serious. After all, the couple spent the holidays together, which is the secret of the town.


We know what you all must be thinking. Who is Halston Sage? How did it all start? What are we missing? Well, we got answers to all of it. Starting right here, right now!

Halston Sage & Zac Efron Go Long Back

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The rumors of Halston Sage and Zac Efron dating began in 2014. Both the stars met during the shoot of Neighbors and the sparks flew like crazy! They were later seen together in a basketball game. Reportedly, Sage also stayed close to Zac during his rehab period. According to all the sources, they both were definitely seeing each other and Sage’s friends loved Zac for how sweet he was to Sage.

Zac Speaks About Halston Sage

Although the rumors were loud enough for all the fans to hear, the couple stayed mum on the topic. In an interview, when asked about Sage, Zac said, “She’s really sweet. She’s a sweetheart.” When asked about his relationship status, he added, “I don’t know, I’m not really sure I’m in the market… I’m not investing. My money is out!” He also asked what Halston Sage had to say about her relationship status officially. Halston, although, did not confirm any rumor at that time. She quite subtly said, “Everyone… we all stay in touch. It’s so good, that’s why we’re so excited to be here because we all got so close over filming.”

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Zac went single officially in 2016 and said that dating was not his cup of tea. Believe it or not, Sage was not even in the picture right until this moment. The two apparently began dating by the end of 2019. Believing the sources, the couple spent the holidays together, partly in Santa Barbara, and seem to be smitten over each other.
As per the social media world, both the stars follow each other but only Halston Sage likes Efron’s picture. This may be due to their quest of keeping their relationship as much of a secret as possible.

Halston Sage Career

Halston Sage began her career as a child artist – just like Zac! She played the character of Grace in ‘How to Rock’. She is currently the part of ‘Prodigal Son’ where she plays the character of Ainsley Whitly. She was also a part of ‘The Orville’, where she played the part of Alara Kitan. When it comes to movies, Sage has starred in movies like ‘Late Night’, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, and ‘The Last Summer’. She has shared screens with renowned names like Emma Watson in ‘The Bling Ring’ and Cara Delevingne in ‘Paper Times’.


While the couple might not be ready yet to officially announce their romance to the world, but we hope them nothing but love and luck!

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