Hailey Baldwin shows off her inner chef on thanksgiving; shares picture of homemade turkey

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber celebrated thanksgiving on Thursday by sharing messages to fans.

The singer wrote on Instagram, “On this Thanksgiving I’d like to thank the single most important person to ever live. The lover of my soul King Jesus,” with a picture of hailey showcasing her first attempt at turkey roasting.

“1st time turkey maker (no it’s not burnt) Happy Thanksgiving,” she captioned the Instagram photo.

Beiber also posted on twitter, “Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.”

Last weekend, the Biebers celebrated Mrs. Bieber’s 24th birthday and Mr. Bieber posted a series of photos of his gorgeous wife with the sweetest Instagram post. “My eyes are 4 you. My heart is 4 you. My soul is 4 you. My love is 4 you. I am Home wherever you are. You are my safe place,” he wrote.

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