Greenlights – Mathew McConaughey Announces The Huge Surprise of His 1st Memoir

Good news for all Mathew McConaughey’s fans out there – the actor is releasing his memoir. ‘Greenlights’ is the name of Mathew’s new memoir that will release on October 20, 2020. The Academy Award winner is now also an author and he is giving his fans an insight into his life from all these years. He announced the news on his Instagram account via an interesting video.

Greenlights – What Can You Expect?

When someone as dynamic and legendary wants you to have an insight into your life, you simply say ‘yes please’. Greenlights, as per Mathew McConaughey’s words, is a complete journal of his life. He has penned down his lows and highs, his dreams, his happiness, his success, his pain, and everything in between. Mathew has kept his journal completely raw and you can him pouring his heart out in it.

Mathew says that he has been writing a journal ever since he can remember. He likes writing and he likes imprinting the big and small moments of his life in ink. So, one fine day, Mathew simply gathered all the courage and did what he had always wanted to do. He collected all his journals and compiled his story in one – Greenlights.

He says that he named his memoir ‘Greenlights’ because that is what everyone, including him, loves in life. Nobody wants to be stuck with red and yellow signals in life. They want green lights in whatever field they are in. Green lights are the representation of achievements, success, and happiness. Even during pain and failures, these green lights represent that will to keep going and keep learning.

Mathew McConaughey On Tough Parenting

People often assume that celebrities like to give the entire world to their kids. No matter how illogical their demand is, the celebrities fulfill it. However, that is not true with Greenlights author and his wife, Camila Alves. Mathew McConaughey recently opened up talking about the tough parenting rules he has to follow while taking care of his kids. 

The Greenlights author said that it is important that he says no to his three children, Vida, 10, Livingston, 7, and Levi, 11 months. While we understand that his youngest son is not even 1 year old yet, so he is the most pampered one for now. However, the same is not true for Vida and Livingston, who get to see the tough side of Greenlights author from time to time.

Mathew McConaughey says that he was very lucky to be born in a middle-class family. While growing up, he had a roof over his head, a floor beneath his feet, and food in his stomach. And more or less, that is something to be very glad for. The Greenlights author has not forgotten his roots and likes his children to know the same.

He says that it is very easy for affluent people to provide their kids with everything in the world. But if those parents really care about their children, they would know when to stop. The Greenlights author says that it is all about tough love and knowing the right balance for a better future.

Now, that is not something we hear very often from celebrities!

Mathew McConaughey’s Upcoming Movies

Greenlights is not the only project of Mathew McConaughey that fans are waiting for. After his brilliant performance in ‘The Gentleman’, fans want more. And more they shall get. Mathew stars as the voice actor in ‘Sing 2’, an animated movie about aspiring singers that will release in 2021. People are also waiting for the ‘True Detective Season 4’ that might release next year. 

‘The Billionaire’s Vinegar’ is due for release for a long time now. The movie is about the auction of wine chafe that was bought by a billionaire family, only to be discovered later that it’s fake.

The movie is based on real incidents and will Mathew McConaughey in the lead.

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