‘Golden Girls’ Home Sold For The First Time For $4M Since Built in 1955

The ‘Golden Girls’ home was originally built in 1955 and has now been sold for the first time since then. It is sold at a whooping price point of $4 million even though it was listed for $3 million. The bid was mainly between 9 contenders altogether. The home is spread across almost 3000 square feet with four grand bedrooms.

Even the though the NBC series plot was based out of Miami, Florida, the actual house is in Los Angeles, California. Agent, Rachelle Rosten, revealed that there were overwhelming responses as soon the ‘Golden Girls’ home was up for sale. There were around 20 offers in just two weeks.

Golden Girls

The interior of the house has never been shown clearly on the television as many people have actually lived there. The house was only used as the set during the first season of ‘Golden Girls’. After that, a replica of the set was created at the Disney Hollywood Studios.


Regardless of that, the fans have associated the house with the original ‘Golden Girls‘ home. The show was a massive success at its time and it can be clearly seen in the vast numbers of bidders that came for the property.

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