Gigi Hadid Shares Her First Maternity Photoshoot At 33 Weeks of Pregnancy

Gigi Hadid is revealing her beautiful baby bump in full glory and we are in absolute awe! She first updated a series of black and white pictures on Instagram and some time later, she updated some colored pictures. Followers and fans can also have a sneak peek in to behind the scenes of photoshoot.

Gigi Hadid is 33 weeks pregnant with her boyfriend Zayn Malik. At first, she kept her baby bump hidden from the camera and the world. However, now Hadid looks simply stunning in front of the lens captured by fashion photographers Iango and Luigi. Gabriella Karefa-Johnson styled the soon-to-be-mother and Erin Parson finished her makeup.

In the black and white series of photos, she is wearing a comfortable white bra and denim jeans. She is cradling her baby bump and informed that during the time of the shoot, she was 33 weeks pregnant. In the colored series, Bella has shared some behind the scenes.

She is wearing a olive colored sheer mesh gown that strategically covers her personal parts. Gigi is due in September and pretty excited for the same. Talking about the shoot, Gigi said that she truly enjoyed it and Gab and L&I did a perfect job.

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