Gayle King Turned Down A Huge Opportunity From Oprah – She Decided To Focus On Her Kids

It is very rare when someone is given the opportunity on face to change their lives with a decision of yes or no. A similar opportunity was presented to Gayle King by none other than Oprah. However, Gayle turned down the opportunity because she felt that it was time to focus on her kids.

Gayle King appeared on Drew Barrymore’s new series, ‘The Art of the Interview’. She explained that there came a time when Oprah offered her position to Gayle. She revealed that Oprah wanted to focus entirely on acting and she wanted Gayle to step in her shoes. However, King had just gone through a divorce and her kids were young.

 Gayle King

She felt that moving to a new city with a new career could mean less time for her kids. She decided that the need of the hour was to prioritize her kids over anything else. While recalling the opportunity, Gayle King said that even though it was huge, she does not regret her decision.

Gayle King discussed her divorce and said that it was the time when she felt that her kids’ happiness matter the most. And, a divorce was in the best interest for her family. So, instead of choosing to keep the family ‘together’, she chose to keep the family ‘happy’.

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