Garcelle Beauvais Responds To Kyle Richard’s Claim of Not Paying $5,000 For Charity

‘The Real Housewives of Bevery Hills’ season 10 reunion is so action-packed that it can give Bond franchise a run for its money! Apart from the usual Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville drama, it seems like the three-part reunion has something more to offer. This time, the one accusing is Kyle Richards and one at receiving end is Garcelle Beauvais.

According to Kyle, Garcelle attended her charity and promised to pay $5000. However, Kyle accused Garcelle of not keeping up with her end of promise and not paying Kyle’s charity the promised amount. The allegations surprised everyone, including host Andy Cohen as well.

Garcelle has come up with her respond. She says that she’s a sharp shooter and says things like it is. She continues saying that people know that she’s better than not paying something that she promised. She says that not paying the amount was not intentional but simply slipped off her mind.

She informs that with her schedule, traveling and other things, she simply missed paying the amount. She insists on the fact that she would never intentionally not pay for the bid she made. After clearing out the details, she asked the show to continue now that everything is sorted.

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