‘Fatima’ Movie Review: A Beautiful Representation of Faith, Belief & Courage

Filmmakers often indulge in and refrain from faith-based movie for the same reason – it can appeal to one section of the society and not so to the others. ‘Fatima’ is one such faith-based movie that will appeal to a vast number of audience. For those who do not consider themselves highly religious, they’ll find that there’s more to ‘Fatima’ than just faith.

‘Fatima’ portrays an era of World War I and Spanish Flu. Apart from the epidemic and pandemic, the movie also features the ancient debate of faith and intervention of supreme power. It will also give you something to argue about on the fine lines of superstition and religion.


The story is narrated from the the point of of view of an aged nun played by Sonia Braga. She takes the plot of ‘Fatima’ in the flashback while discussing her life with a professor, played by Harvey Keitel. As a 10-year-old, the nun, then called Lucia (Stephanie Gill) is visited by the Virgin Mary who asks her to pray the rosary in return of peace in the world.


The story of divine intervention circulates around the land and people come to visit, troubling Lucia’s parents. Whether you’re religious or not, the one thing that will appeal everyone in ‘Fatima‘ is the Gil’s intense performance. Lucia’s will to stand by her belief portrays courage and faith and is shot beautifully in the movie.

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