Eva Longoria, 45, Flexes Her Toned Arms & Sets Some Serious Fitness Goals

Eva Longoria’s serious weight-lifting exercises are clearly paying off and they are paying off super well. In the recent picture uploaded by the extremely fit mama in aqua bikini is what we call ‘stunning’. Eva is casually flexing her arms and fans can’t stop gushing over how brilliantly toned they look.

Eva Longoria gave birth to her son, Santiago in 2018. Since then, she started her rigorous exercise regime. The short-termed aim was to celebrate her hard-work and amazing bod at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. However, the obsession did not stop there and thank god for that!

Eva Longori

Eva Longoria started her training with the famous celebrity trainer Grant Roberts. Eva’s Instagram account is the proof to the serious weight training she does to stay in shape. The videos can give you a good look at the wide-grip lat pull-downs, deadlifts, and even spinal twists.


Eva Longoria believes in wholesome exercises that will effect her entire body and all the muscles. She chooses sled pushes for that purpose. Eva accepts that having a child and such rigorous fitness routine isn’t easy. But, she wants to stay fit and best for her son. Even if that means quitting sugar and alcohol!

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