Erika Jayne Slams Denise Richards At RHOBH Season 10 Renuion – I’m Out Motherf–er!

If anyone thought that Erika Jayne and Denise Richards would resolve their issues by the end of RHOBH season 10, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Denise and Erika kept colliding throughout the season and thing went way too nasty by the time of reunion. Erika slammed Denise in the most indiscreet way, ever!

Denise made a point to other women saying that discussing sex-lives in front of their husbands is questionable. Erika fired back saying that it was Denise who started it by talking about her husband crudely in front of the guests and her kids.

Erika says that Denise always tried to make the entire group look bad. She said that the group is sued to doing the adult talk when they’re on their own. They even make sure that the kids are out of sight and yet, Denise takes the opportunity and penalize them for it.

Erika said that Denise was too unhappy about things and wanted to take her to coffee to apologize about things. Denise denied the claims and that made Erika even more mad. Erika said that she was okay being singled out but got infuriated when Denise went to Teddi Mellencamp and Stacke Stutton to gossip. That’s when the designer called it quits with her iconic “Motherf—er, I’m out!”

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