Eric Paslay Is Truly A Nice Guy – Don’t Let That Mug Shot Say Anything Different

Eric Paslay has released his new album, ‘New Guy’, that really suits the personality of the talented songwriter. The cover of the new album features Eric in a wanna be dangerous-guy pose. However, the reality is far from it. Eric’s ‘Nice Guy’ album is all about his life, his marriage and fatherhood.

Eric Paslay has collaborated with Caitlyn Smith, Kristian Bush, and Charles Kelley for his new album. Eric is best known for breakthrough work in ‘Friday Night’ and ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’. He is also renowned for ‘Even If It Breaks Your Heart’. ‘Nice Guy’ is Eric’s first album in six years and he has put all the aspects of the past six years in the album.

Eric Paslay

A lot of people are not comfortable with sharing personal experiences in their work. However, Eric Paslay says that he is not scared to share his personal life and love through his music. He wants to write about every kind of experiences and make it more relatable to his fans.

In Eric Paslay‘s new album, there’s a love song (Heartbeat Higher), a casual day song (Boat in a Bottle), and fatherly song (Fingertips). Every song has something different to offer to his fans in every mood and tempo.

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