Ellen Pompeo Could Have Left Grey’s Anatomy after Season 6 – Here’s Why She Didn’t

Grey’s Anatomy has seen a world of drama on and off the screen. Major characters kept leaving and dying and the fan base kept changing. But, one thing that remains common was Ellen Pompeo.

Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on the show, has stayed since episode one and plans to stay till episode last. Ellen Pompeo could have left the show long back like many of her costars. The major reason why she didn’t leave and stick for so long is her financial security.


Over the years, Ellen became the face of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and one of the most celebrated television actresses. 

Why Ellen Pompeo Didn’t Quit Grey’s Anatomy


This is the question that probably so many of us have asked. We have seen the deaths of some of the major characters like Derek Shepherd (Meredith’s husband). We have also seen some major fallouts of characters like Christina Yang (Meredith’s BFF). But, Meredith remained constant and people started believing that she is eternal. Recently in an interview, Ellen Pompeo revealed why she didn’t quit.

The reason is simple and honest. She liked having financial security over anything else. Ellen Pompeo did not have a very easy life in terms of money. So, it makes sense that she likes to provide her family with everything that she did not get. And her decision was an extremely smart move. She became the highest-paid TV drama actress in 2018. 


Ellen Pompeo says that she likes to have security and peace. She does not like to chase after roles and look for it everywhere. As a producer and actor, she knew the numbers of Grey’s Anatomy were very high and it will be a profitable decision always. 

Would Ellen Have Left After Season 6?


Ellen Pompeo was bound with a six years contract. So technically, she was free to leave after Grey’s Anatomy season 6 like many of her other co-stars. But she chose the opposite. The major reason was her age. According to Ellen, if she had joined the show in her mid or late 20s, she might have left after season 6. But, she started quite late. 

Ellen Pompeo joined Grey’s Anatomy when she was 33. By the time she reached 40, she was having kids. In Pompeo’s own words, she did not wish to be out of a job and looking for new roles in her 40s. 

What’s Next for Ellen


Grey’s Anatomy is on its season 16 and Meredith is still fresh and fighting. We have fallen in love with her journey, her charisma, and her strength. But, what’s next? 

According to Ellen and Shonda Rhimes, maker of the show, they both have the pact that neither will leave till the other stays. So, basically, as long as Ellen decides to continue, the show will continue. And for Ellen, she has no intention of quitting. She is in talks with other projects as well, but she’s not going anywhere. 


The day, however, Ellen decides to quit the show, we will be saying our goodbyes to Grey’s Anatomy. And it makes complete sense, to be honest! The show has such a massive and loyal fan base mostly because of Ellen Pompeo. 

Some Other Memorable Characters


While Ellen’s role remains iconic as Meredith Grey, there are some other characters that are absolute fan favorite even after they left! 

Sandra Oh played the role of Christina Yang and we will always remain in love with her killer attitude. She was last seen in ‘Killing Eve’ and will most surely reprise her role in its sequel. Kate Walsh played the role of Addison – Derek’s first wife – and we loved to hate her.


Kate is recently working with The Umbrella Academy. Katherine Heigl played Izzie Stevens and even won an Emmy for it. She later joined the cast of Suits.

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