Ellen DeGeneres Begins Season 18 with a Sincere Apology

Ellen kicks off new season with message

Ellen DeGeneres is back once again with one of the most popular TV shows. ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show’ has kicked off its season 18 but this time, the beginning is somewhat different. The show and Ellen were surrounded by allegations of promoting toxic workplace environment.

In fact, the show was under investigations and there had been several sexual harassment reports as well. A lot of senior members involved in the harassment allegations were let go from the show. So, with all that going on, the audience expected something from Ellen and that’s what they got.

Ellen started the show by giving a sincere apology to her viewers and every members associated with the show. She addressed the investigations and said that she got to learn that there were a lot of things happening on the sets that should not have happened. As a person who has privilege and power, she takes responsibility for what happened. She apologized to everyone affected by the toxic environment.

She said that she had been nicknamed as ‘be kind’ lady that turned out to used sourly during the recent times. She says that she is what she appears on the TV but she also more than that. However, she explains that she could not have ‘acted’ to be something for the past 17 years. Ellen apologized to everyone who had been hurt because of her or let down. Finally, she promised to be better and do better. We wish all the very best to Ellen DeGeneres!

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