Eddie Murphy’s Daughters – Everything You Need to Know about The 6 of Them

Eddie Murphy’s Daughters
Eddie Murphy’s Daughters

Eddie Murphy has ten kids with five different women. Eddie Murphy’s daughters and sons have immense respect for their father and the actor has maintained a healthy relationship with all of them. Eddie Murphy’s daughters have impressive age gaps – 26 years to be precise between his eldest and youngest daughter but that does not stop them from being a happy family. Eddie Murphy has maintained a platonic and cordial relationship with all the mothers of his children. Recently, Eddie and his children even posed for a rare family picture.

Eddie Murphy is one of the most famous stand-up comedians ever and one of the most celebrated veteran artists in Hollywood. He is famous for his roles and the reality shows he has been a part of. People love him for his wits, sense of humor, charm, and amazing comic timing. Eddie Murphy has been infamous for his affairs over time and has come into the limelight many times because of his relationships. However, Eddie has only been married once (legally on the US soil) and had 4 out of 6 six daughters with his ex-wife.

More About Eddie Murphy’s Daughters

Bria Murphy


Bria Murphy is the eldest of Eddie Murphy’s daughters and first child of Nicole and Eddie Murphy. Eddie and Nicole started dating in 1988 after meeting at an award show and married in 1993. But, there were a lot of things that happened in between then. First and foremost, Bria Murphy was born in 1989. It is interesting to note that Bria is born in the same year as her half-brother Eric. Eric is Eddie and Paulette McNeely’s child and Eddie’s firstborn. Though this seems a little strange, the actors never reacted to the coinciding dates and years.

Bria is a talented artist and recently held her gallery. Her exhibition was attended by both her mother and father and they both were very proud of their daughter. Bria’s art was made using environment-friendly products and the gallery even witnessed some other high profile celebrities like Michelle Williams, Tina Knowles, NeNe Leakes, and more.

Shayne Murphy


Shayne Murphy is the second eldest of Eddie Murphy’s daughters. Shayne was born in October 1994 and is currently an up and coming model. She has always been interested in the field of modeling and acting, just like her mother, Nicole Mitchell, and wants to pursue the same career. Although at the moment, she is just starting in the industry and has a long way to go. Shayne Murphy is famous on Instagram with a 52.5k followers count. Shayne does not shy away from putting up NSFW pictures. If you have seen her social media handle, you’d know that the 25-year-old upcoming model is simply gorgeous.

Zola Ivy Murphy


Zola Ivy Murphy is a stunning young girl and third of Eddie Murphy’s daughters. Zola was born in 1999 and is the second child, after Shayne, to be born within a marriage of Eddie’s. Zola is very young but she is a replica of her mother, Nicole Mitchell. She is a budding model, just like her two elder sisters but is still trying to figure out if that is what she wants to do. She is also interested in criminology and has featured in VH1’s Hollywood Exes along with her elder sisters and mother.

Bella Murphy


Bella Murphy is the fourth of Eddie Murphy’s daughters. She was born in January 2002 and is the daughter of Nicole Mitchell and Eddie Murphy. Three years after the birth of Bella, Nicole filed for a divorce with Eddie and in 2006, the couple officially separated. Bella Murphy is a complete millennial but not very active on social media. Her Instagram handle has only 7 pictures of her with a follower count of 2614.

Angel Murphy

Angel Murphy Brown is the fifth of Eddie Brown’s daughters and she was born in 2007. Mel B and Eddie are the parents of Angel. Angel’s birth was full of controversy. Mel B and Eddie had a short but intense affair. When Mel B and Eddie broke apart, the event was not pretty. Mel B stated that she’s pregnant with Eddie’s child but the actor publicly denied believing it. There was a paternity test that proved Eddie is the father and things went fine after that.

Izzy Murphy


Izzy Oona Murphy is the youngest of Eddie Murphy’s daughters and was born in 2016. Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy are the parents to Izzy and Paige is Eddie’s current fiancé. They are soon expected to tie the knots. Eddie Murphy pays $50,000 for child support and is one of the actors to pay highest for child support in Hollywood.

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