Drew Barrymore Talks About Her Own Traumatic Experience with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton recently featured in the documentary, ‘This Is Paris’, that is directed by Emmy-winner Alexandra Dean. You can watch the movie on YouTube where Paris candidly talks about her personal life. In the documentary, she opened about the mental and emotional abuse she suffered from during her teenage at Utah boarding school.

The same situation resonated with a lot of other people, including Drew Barrymore. Drew talked about it in her new talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show’, along with Paris Hilton. Drew said in the show that when she saw Paris talked about her abuse, she saw a reflection of herself.

Paris revealed that her boarding school used to punish their students by locking them up in solitary confinements for days without clothes. They would even take away their basic privileges like talking to family and bully the students constantly. She was taken to this institution one night from her home as if she was being kidnapped.

Drew talked about her own days of trauma. As a child artist, she fell into the addiction of alcohol and substance abuse. She was taken in by intuitions which was her own solitary confinement. She was into drugs and uncontrollable and mother didn’t know what to do about it. However, Drew believes that the intuition worked out great for her as the people there were also very nice and supportive.

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