Dog the Bounty Hunter Has A New Fiance- He Is On A New Hunt

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter is an American reality series that first premiered in August 2004. The show follows Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, who is a professional bounty hunter and also a convicted murderer. Chapman made it to the headlines for capturing Andrew Luster in Mexico. Andrew is the heir to Max Factor Cosmetics and grandson of Max Factor. He had charges against him for sexually assaulting women by drugging them with GHB (date-rape drug). Chapman hunted him down in 2003 in Mexico and in the following year, got his own show – Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog & Beth: On the Hunt

Dog married Beth Smith in 2006. Beth was a professional nightclub singer, waitress, and clerk in her hometown Colorado. She moved to Honolulu sometime before 2006 to be with Dog Chapman. She started her television career with her husband in Dog the Bounty Hunter and later featured in its spin-off Dog & Beth: On the Hunt. Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer and she passed away in 2019. A two-hour special episode, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives aired in November 2017 featuring Beth and her struggle with cancer.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Fiancé

Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman has a new fiancé. He engaged 10 months after the demise of his wife and is currently with Francie Frane. Chapman, like a proper gentleman, got down on a knee and popped the question to Francie with a beautiful ring in a beautiful setting (guys, are you listening?).

Dog the Bounty Hunter was going through a rough patch ever since his ex-wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. She battled the situation head-on and was declared by the doctors cancer-free but unfortunately, it returned. Chapman was allegedly in a relationship with Moon Angell, his longtime assistant, and Beth’s very good friend. But the actor later confirmed that it was an impulsive decision and he will not carry it forward.

Francie Frane has also lost her husband to cancer and hence she understands where Dog Chapman is coming from fairly well. Frane did not know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is until very recently. But God works in mysterious ways and his way brought the two lonely souls together and we could not be happier for them. Even the daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter has said that she cannot be happier for her father. She believes that Francie is the right woman for Chapman and brings the right kind of love in the family.

Dog the Bounty Hunter New Hunt

dog the bounty hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter is looking for Felix Chujoy. Chujoy is wanted by Commonwealth and Dog suspects that he can be found somewhere near Central Virginia. Chujoy is 5 feet 10 and weighs almost 160 pounds. Dog Chapman is facing a new set of troubles while finding his latest hunt because of the ongoing pandemic. He says that earlier it was still comparatively easier because he could recognize the face and physical features of the convict. But now, due to the pandemic, people are hiding behind masks and that makes his job much more difficult.

Dog the Bounty Hunter advises that if anyone ever comes across Cujoy, then they should call the cops immediately and not handle the situation themselves. Unlike Beth, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new fiancé is not a part of Dog’s chase as she thinks she is not suitable for the job. The hunt of Cujoy might get featured on Dog’s Most Wanted. The series is the latest addition to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s list of shows. In the show, Dog is retired from his job but only chases the criminals he wants to.

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