Diane Keaton’s Oscars History – The 3 Nominations, 1 Win & Gig

Diane Keaton is one of the most famous actresses of Hollywood. The 74-year star has given her audience some amazing performances over the years and has won many awards as well. Diane Keaton’s Oscar nominations and victory have been memorable. She has also won BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and AFI Life Achievement Award.

Diane Keaton Personal Life


Dianne Keaton was romantically involved with the late veteran actor and filmmaker Woody Allen around 1970. She auditioned for the Broadway production ‘Play It Again, Sam’ that was being directed by Woody Allen. After Allen and Diane had dinner together, Woody fell in love with the actress’s sense of humor and wits. They started dating and even lived together for a while. However, the relationship broke sometime later. But that did not stop Keaton and Allen for remaining friends forever.

Warren Beaty and Diane Keaton were involved for a small period of time as well. They were dating even before they were cast in the movie Reds. The relationship did not last long and the production of the movie is rumored to be one of the reasons behind the break-up. Yet, Diane and Beatty remained good friends.


Diane Keating also had a very interesting relationship with Al Pacino. Their relationship status was always confusing as the stars had an inconsistent affair. The relationship, however, came to an end after The Godfather III. Keaton said that she found Al Pacino a very interesting man and found his face extremely beautiful. The independent and fierce actress never married and adopted two children in 1996 and 2001.

Diane Keaton’s Oscars History

Reds – Nominated


Diane Keaton’s Oscar history involves her nomination in the category of Best Actress for the movie Reds. Reds released in 1981 and is a historical drama set around 1915. Diane plays the role of Louise Bryant, a married socialite. She meets a radical journalist named John Reed (Warren Beatty) and starts her journey of self-exploration.

She falls in love with Reed, leaves her husband and becomes a writer herself. She realizes that she is a feminist. Reed realizes that wants to bring a revolution in the world and sets on a different path. Reed and Bryant briefly reunited before Bryant leaves for Europe. Reed is diagnosed with kidney problems. Bryant and Reed finally reunite again and Bryant takes care of Reed before he dies.

Marvin’s Room – Nominated


Marvin’s Room is another movie in Diane Keaton’s Oscar list. However, she did not win the award but was nominated in the category of Best Actress. Marvin’s Room is a drama movie about two daughters, Bessie (Diane Keaton) and Lee (Meryl Streep). Bessie and Lee’s father, Marvin, had a stroke 20 years ago and since then, Bessie has been taking care of her father.

Lee, on the other hand, left her family and moved to Ohio with her husband. Bessie and Lee never contacted each other until Bessie finds out she has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. She contacts Lee for help, who contacts her son, Hank (Leonardo DiCaprio) for help. Hank is admitted to a mental hospital and sedated when Lee finds him. Lee finally comes to terms that she has to step up and take up the responsibility of her father and sister.

Something’s Gotta Give – Nominated


Something’s Gotta Give is the third in Diane Keaton’s Oscars list. Again, the actress was nominated but did not win the award. Something’s Gotta Give is a romantic comedy released in 2003. Jack Nicholson plays Harry, a 63-year-old successful businessman, who only dates women under 29. He is dating Marin, who is Erica’s (Diane Keaton) daughter. Diane is a divorced Broadway playwright.

The three of them randomly meet at Erica’s home and after an awkward dinner, they call it a night. Harry has a heart attack while making love to Marin. He is treated by Dr. Mercer (Keanu Reaves) who also has a crush on Erica. Harry stays with Erica while recovers and they both fall in love. After some dispute, Harry finds Erica after six months where it is revealed that Erica is dating Sr. Mercer. Mercer realizes what’s going on and asks Erica to reunite with Harry and that’s how the story ends.

Annie Hall – Winner

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Annie Hall (1977) dir. Woody Allen

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Annie Hall is a romantic comedy-drama released in 1977. It is in Diane Keaton’s Oscars list for which the actress received the Best Actress Award. It is a sweet love story between Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) and Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) that does not end with them being together. Annie Hall remains of the most famous movies of Diane Keaton’s Oscar nominated movies. Not just because it records for Diane Keaton’s Oscar win but also because it’s amazing.

Diane Keaton’s Oscar Gig


Diane Keaton’s Oscar gig where she appeared with Keanu Reaves broke all internet sensation. The couple looked as phenomenal as they did back in 2003 in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. They have the perfect chemistry and presented the award for Best Screenplay that went to Parasite.

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