Top 5 Movies of Denzel Washington That Are so Bad It’s Good

If you do not know who Denzel Washington is, then let us just break it out for you that you are living under some rock. Because to know about movies and to not know about Denzel Washington is nothing less of a crime, and frankly very impossible.

He is one of the finest actors of Hollywood and most bankable stars. You know the movie is good just because Denzel Washington is a part of it. Although Denzel has refrained himself from working in superhero movies, he has still given us a large number of movies that’s pure genius.

His work in movies like ‘Cry Freedom’ and ‘Malcolm X’ has left a forever impact on its audience. Movies like ‘Mississippi Masala’, ‘Crimson Tide’, ‘Inside Man’, and ‘Flight’ are also some of the best movies Denzel Washington has given to his fans.

But, over the career span of almost 5 decades, Denzel Washington has also given us certain movies that are so bad that it’s actually good! If you don’t believe us, read ahead. And if you think we have missed any, do not forget to comment!

Denzel Washington Worst Movies Ranked

Virtuosity (1995)

We would need a special and separate story writer to explain this movie in detail. But let us try it for you anyway. So, the movie is a science fiction directed by Brett Leonard. Denzel Washington shares the screen with Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe plays the character of SID, a computer module, who has the personality profiles of 7 different serial killers. Denzel Washington plays the role of Barnes, a convicted former officer.

Barnes tries to capture SID who has escaped Virtual Reality and is on a killing spree. The cat and mouse chase is frankly quite amusing. The roles are very opposite to what these fine actors are used to. There’s Russell smirking and Denzel glowering and you’re laughing.

Heart Condition (1990)

Heart Condition is a very predictable and forced comedy. The story in a nutshell is about a racist cop, Bob Hoskins, who gets a heart transplant from a black lawyer. The heart is accompanied by the lawyer’s ghost as well. Moreover, Bob tried to arrest the lawyer in the past. So you see, Bob’s life isn’t going to be easy anymore. Well, we hate to say but Denzel Washington was just not fit for this flimsy character.

Safe House (2012)

Sometimes some movies are simply a bad product of creativity but work on the box office anyhow. But later, when after some years we look back, we wonder how did that movie even work? Safe House is one such movie. It performed well on the box office but was a disaster if you truly think about it. It is about a cop who went rogue. Yes, as simple as that. The audience might even forgive Denzel for his surprisingly average performance, but the same can’t be said about the direction and editing.

Fallen (1998)

Fallen is a thriller movie that tries very hard to give an impression of a horror movie. Sadly for the audience, it barely gave the chills of being a good thriller. Washington plays the cop who has put away a heinous murderer. But since the wake of his execution, sinister things start to happen. Has a demon suddenly taken control of things or was it there from the start? Slowly, we can see Washington losing his mind and we can feel losing our minds too. The background score of the movie is really bad and people half the time are compelled to ask themselves – what the hell is happening?

The Book of Eli (2010)

The movie is about a blind warrior wandering in the post-apocalypse world and trying to make out on his own. The movie would have been amazing had Denzel Washington shown more than those bland emotions. Unfortunately, Denzel was possessed with making the movie as humorless as the rest of the action gems.

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