Denise Richards Recalls Time When Charlie Sheen Had Panic Attack

‘The Real Housewives Star’ Denise Richards recalls the time when her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen has a massive panic attack on the freeway. It so happened, that Richards and Sheen were driving to meet Richard’s parents for the first time officially as couple. The car broke down on the freeway, and the stress became too much to handle for Charlie.

That is when he had a panic attack. Richards too got stress for a while. She thought that she has her dogs in the car, her lover who’s under panic attack, and a car that won’t start. Sheen got overboard thinking that it was all a sign for him to not meet the parents. However, Denise took control, got the car started and took off from the freeway.

Interestingly, despite Charlie’s superstition, he made quite an impression Richard’s parents. They all seemed at ease with each other and her parents liked him immediately. Denise says that a lot of people have asked her if Charlie’s past ever bothered her. But, she advises people to live in the present and never let someone’s past affect them, just like she didn’t.

Richards says that Charlie and Denise had great compatibility with each other. They traveled together after their first thanksgiving to Hawaii and had a pleasant time. Denise believes that a lot can be judged about a couple when they travel. And she thinks Charlie was an amazing companion for her, especially during the traveling hours.

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