Dancing with The Stars Season 29 – List of All Potential Contestants

While there is still time in the reveal of all the contestants for ‘Dancing with The Stars Season 29’, we thought to introduce you to potential contestants. There are a lot of changes being made in the format of the show, along with its host. However, one thing that’s not changing is the chaotic list of contestants.

Carole Baskin is in talks for ‘Dancing with The Stars Season 29’. Carole has been part of a major resurfaced scandal and the center of hundreds of memes in 2020. After her appearance in ‘Tiger King’, people couldn’t help wondering if she actually killed her husband and fed it to the tigers. Even Cardi B has given her 2 cents on the issue.

Dancing with The Stars Season 29

Crishell Stauce is also in talks for ‘Dancing with The Stars Season 29’. Well, whether the ‘Selling Sunset’ star likes it or not, her marriage has become one of the most talked issues recently. Her divorce with Justin Hartley and his ruthlessness has got everyone talking. But, we hope Chrishell takes this as a great opportunity to refresh and restart.


Anne Heche and AJ McLean are also being considered for ‘Dancing with The Stars Season 29’. The coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was also approached but he declined. However, we know for sure that Kaitlyn Bristowe is a part of ‘Dancing with The Stars Season 29‘.

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