Daisy Coleman Commits Suicide – The ‘Audrie & Daisy’ Star Dies at 23

Daisy Coleman has committed suicide at the age of 23 and was found dead at her home by the cops. The young woman starred in the Netflix documentary ‘Audrie & Daisy’ that released in 2016. The documentary was about sexual assault victims and survivors, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman. 

Coleman, after the release of her documentary, founded the organization SafeBAE in 2017. Safe Before Anyone Else organization is an initiative to help and prevent sexual assault and its survivors.

‘Audrie & Daisy’

daisy coleman

‘Audrie and Daisy’ released in 2016 as a Netflix original documentary and starred Daisy Coleman and Audrie Potts. Daisy Coleman was a mere 14-year-old when she was sexually assaulted. Daisy went to a party in 2012 where she got intoxicated. 17-year-old Mathew Barnett took advantage of the situation and raped unconscious Daisy. Another 15-year-old boy did the same to Daisy’s 13-year-old friend. 

A third boy recorded Bernett’s action. Daisy Coleman has left outside her house in the freezing cold in juts her t-shirt. The case gained national attention when it became public but to everyone’s dismay, nothing happened. Mathew Bernett, the grandson of a politician, was charged only for ‘misdemeanor’. Later, his 4 months jail sentence was reduced to 2 years probation. 


Audrie Pott had a similar ill fate. The 15-year-old girl got intoxicated at a party. She was dragged to a room where three 16-year-old boys assaulted her sexually. They marked her body and took her compromising pictures that were circulated on social media. Audrie could not accept the inhuman actions and committed suicide by hanging herself eight days after the assault.

Reaction to Daisy Coleman


While Audrie Pott’s assaulters received the punishment Audrie’s family seemed fit, the same was not the case for Daisy Coleman. The boys responsible in Audrie’s case issued a verbal apology for the assault and Audrie’s death, paid $950,000, and agreed to feature in the documentary. 

Daisy Coleman, however, received backlashes from society and law. After her videos were circulated in social media, she was bullied by other students in school. Her house suspiciously burnt down and still no fruitful investigation was held. Moreover, the sheriff working on the case said that in cases like that of Daisy’s, the girl is also to be held responsible. 


Daisy Coleman said that she knows that people have mixed responses towards her and she is judged by society. However, she believed that they do it because they lack proper education on the matter. Her initiative of SafeBAE organization was to help people understand sexual assault and its repercussion in a better manner.

Daisy Coleman’s Death


Daisy Coleman died by committing suicide at the age of 23. She died because of depression and PTSD. Her mother, Melinda Coleman, called the officers to check on her daughter for welfare purposes. It turns out, the cops discovered Daisy Coleman’s dead body. The news was shared by Melinda on her social media pages. 

She said that Daisy Coleman was her best friend and an amazing daughter. She is beyond broken at the tragic turn of events. She wished she could take the pain away from her daughter and bear it herself. She mentions that her daughter could never truly recover from what those boys did to her and suffered from PTSD.


It is beyond saddening to see another young life wasted because of the vile actions of monstrous people in the world. Daisy was a soulful human and a talented tattooist. A lot of people have come forward on Twitter and are asking justice for Daisy Coleman. They want Mathew Bernett to pay for his sins finally. We wish peace and rest to Daisy’s soul and request anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts to seek help immediately. 

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