Courtney Friel Biopic Captures Her Journey From Drug Addiction To Donald Trump’s Proposition

Courtney Friel had released her memoir, ‘Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News’ sometime ago. Now, Zero Gravity Management has taken the right of her memoir. Zero Gravity is working on the biopic of Courtney Friel for its Inspire Division. Courtney is the former news anchor for Fox News and is currently working with KLTA-TV.

Courtney Friel was hired by Fox News at the age of 26 in 2007 as national correspondent. She was not just an efficient anchor but also a party diva with alcohol addiction. Andriana Williams, head of Inspire division is pretty excited about working on Courtney’s biopic. She says that is equal part fun and inspiring.

Courtney Friel’s memoir does not just talk about her drug and alcohol addiction but also about Donald Trump. While her journey to sobriety will inspire many, her encounter with Trump will leave many astonished.

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According to her memoir, ‘Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News’, Donald Trump called Courtney Friel while she was at Fox. He said that she’s the ‘hottest’ one at Fox News. He also called to ask her to come to his office so that they could ‘kiss’. Courtney was appalled at his audacity and hung up the phone after reminding him that they both are married people.

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