Christine Quinn Calls Chrishell Strauce A Victim – Mary Fitzgerald Defends

The high-voltage drama between Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stauce never seemed to end. It started way back in ‘Selling Sunset’ season 1 and has continued till date. Christine Quinn recently called Chrishell Stauce a ‘victim’, referring to her divorce. However, Mary Fitzgerald supported Chrishell like a true friend.

Chrishell and Justin Hartley’s divorce became the main topic on ‘Selling Sunset’ season 3. Chrishell revealed that the news of divorce was very sudden for her and she was blindsided by Justin. Christine commented that Chrishell was a victim.

Christine Quinn

However, Mary Fitzgerald did not take Christine Quinn’s comment very well. She said that Chrishell spoke about her divorce because ‘Selling Sunset’ is a reality show and revolves around stars’ personal life. However, Chrishell isn’t a victim and has handled the situation with kindness and bravery.

She even joked that Chrishell once said that the least heartbreak has done for her is get her the ideal weight. Mary is fond of the positive outlook Chrishell has in life. Chrishell has blocked Christine Quinn everywhere on social media. That came after Christine commented on Chrishell and Justin seeking help of marriage counselor.

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